I have taught a diverse range of courses and learners, including university-level first- and second-year German language, fourth-year German literature and culture, a study abroad course where students participated in a teaching internship at high schools in Germany, a Language Learning and Teaching course on teaching methods, Freshman Seminars Abroad, Integrative Arts and Humanities as part of a study abroad program in Germany, a fully-online general education course on the history of the European Fairy Tale, English as a Second Language for business professionals, and German for children.

My self-paced online course on the history of the European Fairy Tale has won first place in the category of fully online course in the 2012 MSU-AT&T Instructional Technology Awards Competition.

Developing and challenging my students’ critical thinking skills, instilling a sense of responsibility, as well as encouraging independent work are pivotal to my teaching success. I am most concerned about my students’ education and growth and try to lead them by example, not only to impart knowledge. Close contact with students and the ability to inspire them through my own enthusiasm are crucial aspects of my teaching philosophy.